When it comes to course design, we have many strengths, and no limits.

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About Us

Our creative and inclusive approach to e-Learning makes knowledge straightforward to acquire and hard to forget.

Prspctiv is a Creative Media company based out of Coimbatore and Hyderabad. Our dedicated team members have a wide range of skills, underpinned by their education and their many years of experience, and we offer top-notch strategic planning, course design, Motion graphics, storyboarding, Video Production and Post-Production services.

Our Services

We Are a Creative Agency Specialized in
E-learning Development.

We believe people look for more than just learning. We believe they are looking for an experience.

Our E-Learning experts work on design, development, and delivery activities specific to e-learning, using Articulate/After Effects to create the courses so you can easily import them into your system with SCORM/Modules. However, we are a flexible and well-rounded team, so we are happy to adapt to your workflow and your programs of choice!

Why Choose Us?

Create beautiful training courses, Design highly branded content, Deliver great learning experience!

Our e-learning team has been active in the field for more than 6 years, working with large organizations including Byjus, L&T, The Camford International School, Vellamal International School. We are a highly specialized communications agency with a thorough understanding of the specific needs that surround education and online knowledge transfer. 

We are strong in every corner, and we offer an all-around service from A to Z, to provide you with the absolute best that
e-learning has to offer. Challenge us and let us help you make your vision come to life!

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